Recurring Dream

OK. Over two years have passed and I haven’t done Letterman. I’ve even gone to revision 2.0 of this website. In the first year of this project I got much closer to Letterman than I was prior to the project. Looking back I don’t know if doing it within a year was even possible.

IN any case, I am still here, and my dream is still here. In fact, I was so focused on moving forward that I didn’t notice the first year of this project had come and gone.  I think that’s how it should be.

What an experience this has been to receive support form all over the world, from friends I had lost touch with, to fans from my audiences, and strangers I never met face to face. The internet has been incredible in getting the word out. Thanks to all of you who have helped or even just dropped me a message of support.

My health is good—very slow growth on the tumors I was left with after surgery. Let’s hope it continues that way. I truly believe my health is as good as it is right now because I am so focused on my dream. That’s a big leap for a cynical kid from the mid-west.

Since I started the project I’ve been disappointed, shut down, encouraged, given advice, been on TV 3 times, been offered assistance, and began a documentary about the whole trek. It’s been a wild ride already, and I can’t even see the end. The one thing I know is that every step I’ve taken so far has made me a better comic. And a better person.

Thanks to you all for helping, spreading the word, and continually dropping e-mails to Dave.