Already a quarter way thru 2009 and no Letterman booking yet. YET!!!!

The year is young and so am I.  Ok, at least the year is.   Good news is after a year of submitting new material and DVD’s to  “The Late Show w/David Letterman” I got some decent news.

I submitted a new set to the booker that had a couple jokes he had already said were “Letterman’s style,” along with a few others that seemed to me to be in the same vein. Tacked on to the end of the set was a new longer bit that I just left in as an afterthought.

As you may have guessed, the afterthought bit ended up being the one thing he liked. Funny how life works. He had some notes on the bit, but was very complimentary and asked that I play around with it and send him a new version when it gets tightened up. So great news!  I’ll keep everyone up to date as things progress.

On health front, I just saw my oncologist this week. Check-up went well.  All is stable and blood and urine show no signs of increase of cancerous levels over where they’ve been. So all is maintaining.  Doc did order another round of scans to do in next month or so…so we will actually get a look at tumors to see if they’ve grown or not. I’m confident they haven’t, but will keep you up to date.

Best till then. SM