Editing Begins on Dying to do Letterman

Steve Mazan is Dying to do Letterman If you’re hanging around this blog, you already know Dying to do Letterman is a self-funded, passion project documentary we’ve been shooting for nearly five years.

It follows comedian Steve Mazan who, after learning he has liver cancer, dedicates his life to living his dream: performing on the David Letterman show.

Almost Five Years and 300 Footage Hours Later…

Today, editing really began on Dying to do Letterman.

Steve, who’s far more than just the subject of the doc–he’s a talented writer and producer himself–will be very hands on during the edit.

Here’s some Flip cam video Steve, his wife Denise, and me (Biagio) getting ready to begin the next stage of making our movie.

Be sure to follow Steve on Twitter (just launched his account today!) and be a part of his amazing journey. And follow my wife Joke and me, too!