IJL Designs is Dying to Build Our Website

Okay, so clearly this post won’t go up for a bit, but we’re excited to announce that Linda…yes THE Linda of IJL Designs (short for “It’s Just Linda”) has offered her time and expertise to help us put together this very website.

As you can imagine, after working six years on this documentary, that last thing we wanted to do was put up a quickly thrown-together site.  But with every penny (and every bit of our time) going towards finishing the movie, we needed help.

Linda, who has done really cool sites for people like James Gunn, Terra Naomi, and horror director Tim Sullivan, connected with Steve’s story, and has been working hard in her spare time to bring this site to life.

Thanks, Linda!  Need a website?  Please hire Linda immediately.  She’s terrific to work with, very patient, and cares a great deal about the projects she takes on.