A Monster Tweetup for Dying to do Letterman

It was September 4th, 2009, and we had no idea Steve was about to become the focus of so many tweets that our web servers would crash for hours on end.

A good problem to have.

Twitter came to life with words of support and encouragement from all those who heard about Steve’s journey, and wanted to watch his Letterman performance.

Thanks to some very special “Tweeps” many more viewers saw Steve’s dream come true on The Late Show with David Letterman, and still more now know about this feature-length doc, Dying to do Letterman.

That day, Steve came in and wanted to say “thanks” to all of those who’d been tweeting on his behalf, including Paris Hilton, Doug Reindhardt, Holly Madison, Sara Jean Underwood, James Gunn, Frankie Delgado, and Tiffany Selby.

Here was the video he made: