Driving Towards a Big Finish

So close to the big, merry holiday…could that be why the Dying to do Letterman team was lucky enough to have their own personal Santa pay us a visit?

Santa Klaus

Klaus Heyne, to be exact. This graphic guru makes an exciting plugin for Cinema 4D (the 3D software we use here at Joke Productions) called “DRIVE!”.

(Yes, we’re excited, but the exclamation point is actually part of the official name of the plugin, not just a side effect of all the five hour energy we’ve been drinking.)

DRIVE! creates realistic driving simulations, as you might guess from the name. We have a particular graphic piece in mind that for Dying to do Letterman that we thought would really come to life with this plugin. Klaus, who took the time to have a look at our project, decided to donate a copy of his software to help us out.

Thanks, Klaus!

The whole D2DL Team really appreciates your support, and we look forward to showing you our finished film!

Pay Klaus a Visit

If, like us, you use Cinema 4D, be sure to check out the site Klaus keeps. He makes several really cool plugins, and they’re all worth your consideration.

Here’s a pretty slick example of what the DRIVE! plugin can do, from a filmmaker who only goes by “Elmar” on Vimeo: