Yes: According to the Press, Steve is Funny!


Steve’s photo from the Sacremento Press, after a recent show.

You’d be surprised how many times people ask my wife Joke and me (yes, that is her real name by the way) the same question about our documentary: “Is Steve funny?”

Yes. We Think He Is…

Of course, we may be a little biased, but Steve’s been working steadily in stand-up comedy for over ten years. Despite what some have wondered, he didn’t learn he had cancer and then decide he wanted to be funny. Becoming a comedian, and appearing on David Letterman’s show, has been his dream since he was twelve years old.

But that doesn’t prove he’s funny.

An Unbiased Opinion

Well…here’s a great newspaper article that praises Steve’s sense of humor, calling him “one of the funniest comedians around.” Since we all know the press can be brutal when they want, we’re taking this as unequivocal proof that Steve’s hysterical.

Of course, you can make up your own mind when you come see Dying to do Letterman.