Touching Story of Beating the Odds

As crazy as it might sound…

I’m not happy I got diagnosed with cancer. But I will admit that the perspective I now have is a welcome one.

I’m not going to tell you I live everyday like it’s my last. I don’t. If I did, I’d probably be flat broke, 400lbs, and in jail (I have a crazy last day planned). But I do appreciate how important any time I have is.

Another bonus is hearing incredible stories of other people who were diagnosed with cancer. How they responded. How they lived from that point on. Or hearing stories from people who were close to someone who got diagnosed. Unfortunately, unlike the Kevin Bacon game, only one degree of separation is needed for most people to get to someone they know who had/has cancer.

A lot of people hear about me…

my story, or the film and send me their experiences with cancer. It’s bittersweet. There’s something comforting in knowing I’m not alone. But It’s sad to know how much company there is.

This week a comic I worked with when I started comedy, Kat Simmons, sent me an e-mail:

Hey Steve,

So sorry to hear about your health, but so happy you are spinning it into gold, and manifesting your dream.

Steve, cancer has been all around me for the last few years. It took my Mom two years ago this month. Often times I feel like one of those ducks that get shot at in that carnival game. I had a boyfriend with stage four pancreatic cancer, they gave him 3-6 months, That was over three years ago.

He took the opposite route that the docs told him too…They say he is now cancer free. We learned some really valuable things along the way, and a site we lived on was called, where thousands of like minded people support and educate people.

I look forward to following your story, and the clip was awesome.

Best to you and your dreams and health.


I love hearing these stories…

and I’m going to try to share as many as possible here on the Dying to do Letterman film site. The stories, the information, the resources. Whatever I can share with others who find themsleves or their loved ones in similar circumstances I’m going to showcase.

I hope it helps or comforts someone else as much as it has me.

Thanks Kat and everyone else,


Do you have a story to share about you or someone you know? Leave us a note in the comments, and we’ll interview you for a post here at the site.