“Utterly Engaging and Entertaining”

As you know, we premiered Dying to do Letterman this past Friday at the Cinequest Film Festival. The audience reaction was overwhelming, and if it hadn’t been caught on tape, we’d be convinced we dreamt the whole thing:

One of the audience members, Chip Street, has written a long, thorough review of the both the movie and the evening that honestly has us blushing. Here’s a few quotes:

“…it’s utterly engaging and entertaining in a way no documentary has been (for me at least) in a long, long time.”

“The film is a love letter to perseverance, a celebration of pursuing one’s passions.”

“During the show, the audience was utterly engaged, applauding, laughing, and yes, even crying, as cameras followed Mazan and his wife Denise on their quest for Letterman nirvana.”

Please read the whole review over at The Chip Street Blog.

Tonight, Sunday, March 6, you can see Dying to do Letterman at the San Jose Rep Theater. Get your tickets here.