Blogger Trapped by Dying to do Letterman

We like to share good news with you here at the Dying to do Letterman blog. After all, our hope is that you’ll love the movie as much as we do, and tell all your friends.

But sometimes you probably want to hear an opinion that’s slightly less biased than that of the people who made the film 🙂

So here’s a story from Lara Klaber, lead blogger from the Cleveland International Film Festival, detailing the effect Dying to do Letterman had on her.

Lara talks about how she meant to spend only a few moments at the film…

“But then, within seconds of the film starting… I couldn’t leave. I know this probably mirrors an experience that a lot of you have had at the Festival, where a film you expected to like goes far beyond that and takes hold of you, refusing to let you go. Where a film, for a short space of time, displaces your life and becomes your new life, and the experience of the story enters you on a shockingly intimate level, as though it’s your story, and your own life somehow. Within seconds, I felt like I’d known Steve Mazan for years and this was somehow a personal conversation that he was having with me… and I was completely lost in it.”

HERE’S THE LINK to the rest Lara’s story. Please visit and read her whole account.

And here’s the audience reaction to the screening: