Cleveland Awards Dying to do Letterman Top Prize

Dying to do Letterman won a top prize at The Cleveland Film International Film Festival! The final prize of the night, the Greg Gund Memorial Standing Up Film Competition, which includes a $5,000 prize, went to us.

I was rolling on my flip cam, but then so completely lost in the moment I forgot to point it at anything…oops! Glad that didn’t happen during the filming of the movie.

That said, I think the raw emotion of the moment comes through and the audio is pretty good. Here’s two versions of the clip. The first is the complete 5 minutes, including mine and Steve’s acceptance speeches. 51 seconds in the celebrating (and really bad camera work) begins.

Don’t have 5 minutes to look at a Flip Cam spinning out of control? Watch the second clip which is just one minute. It’s the announcement of the award, and the subsequent screaming.

BTW, I’m sure real video of the speeches will pop up soon!

Long Version

Short Version