See Steve Mazan Perform Live — For Free!

Hi D2DL Friends and Fans! People are always asking when they can come see me perform in L.A. Well I have a great show at a cool theater in Hollywood and best of all it will cost YOU nothing! Zilch. Zero. Nada! In fact you’ll be doing me and my two friends a favor because […]

Cleveland Sells Out, Stands Up for Dying to do Letterman

Sold out our first screening in Cleveland, at 2:30pm today. This was the audience reaction: Thank you Cleveland.

Laughing For a Cure

The comedians (and one actor) of the Live Your Dream comedy benefit show.   When we first talked about making Dying to do Letterman , one of the things Steve really wanted to do was find a way to “give back” with the movie, and last night at the Cinequest Film Festival we took our first step toward that […]

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