Our Supporters

YouSendIt Sends Support to Dying to do Letterman

If you’ve ever sent anyone a big file over the web, chances are you’ve at least considered using YouSendIt . Well, we’re happy to say YouSendIt is now on our list of official supporters for Dying to do Letterman . They’ll not only be sponsoring a swanky get-together for us at The Cinequest Film Festival , but they’ve asked us to make a low-budget […]

El Camino Hospital Supports Dying to do Letterman

We’re so proud to announce that El Camino Hospital will be sponsoring our world premiere at The Cinequest Film Festival . Not only will their logos appear on the hospital scrubs worn by our street team , as well as tee-shirts which will be provided to early arrivals at our screenings, but we’ll be putting up an entire comedy show to raise money for The Canary Foundation . Here’s a little video we put […]

Spreading Some Love

Our latest Dying to do Letterman supporter is Frank from Jack’s Secret Stash , and we couldn’t be more excited. Spreading the Love Around Frank puts out a great plugin for Cinema 4D called SurfaceSPREAD . It’s terrific for making realistic 3d landscapes. We had a particular graphic in mind for Dying to do Letterman that had a surreal feel to it, set […]

Driving Towards a Big Finish

So close to the big, merry holiday…could that be why the Dying to do Letterman team was lucky enough to have their own personal Santa pay us a visit? Santa Klaus Klaus Heyne, to be exact. This graphic guru makes an exciting plugin for Cinema 4D (the 3D software we use here at Joke Productions ) called “DRIVE!” . (Yes, we’re excited, […]

Frischluft supports Dying to do Letterman

Frischluft helps us “focus” on Dying to do Letterman.

Caught in a Trapcode

We’ve been working hard on concepts for the graphics treatment in Dying to do Letterman. There’s a magic set of plugins we wished for, to create cloud effects, glows, and other graphic goodness, famously known as the Trapcode Suite . Well, today, Red Giant Software generously donated a copy the entire Trapcode Suite to Dying to do Letterman ! We’ve already starting working with this great set of […]

IJL Designs is Dying to Build Our Website

Okay, so clearly this post won’t go up for a bit, but we’re excited to announce that Linda…yes THE Linda of IJL Designs (short for “It’s Just Linda”)┬áhas offered her time and expertise to help us put together this very website. As you can imagine, after working six years on this documentary, that last thing we wanted […]